the touchable- india

Throughout the making of touch the responses of individuals within groups and societies have revealed significant collective traits and commonalities.
 Since the inception of touch it had been my ambition to include and extend my hand to India’s Sudra caste and Dalits- the untouchables. This action, as I came to discover, was politically and socially charged as the caste system still prevails and continues to be used to discriminate and enforce social hierarchy within India.
 'the touchable' set out to explore the Dalit and Sudra caste then, by necessity, came to include those castes also re-classified as the Other Backward Classes. More than 700 men, women and children participated in the making of the touchable. The subjects were located in the slums of Delhi and the villages and brick factories of rural Rajasthan.
 The results and experience were revealing and profoundly touching- no one is untouchable.